Jay Leno Spied in his 1929 Bentley Speed Six in Los Angeles

At Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals, we love us some Jay Leno.  Ok, it is mostly Leno’s colossal collection of luxury cars that we love, but he is pretty cool, too.  Recently, photogs captured some fun images of Leno enjoying one of his prized possessions, his 1929 Bentley Speed Six on the streets of Los Angeles.

Jay Leno in 1929 Bentley Speed Six LA

Jay Leno in 1929 Bentley Speed Six LA

Did you know that Leno’s passion for exotic cars has led to many perks?  Because he is such a collector/investor, many automakers simply give him their latest supercars to test out, at his leisure.  It is good to be Jay Leno.  I would wager that his most challenging decision daily is what to drive! 

Jay Leno in 1929 Bentley Speed Six

Jay Leno in one of his many luxury collector cars

Leno’s Bentley Speed Six originally included a 6-liter engine later upgraded to an 8-liter.  Leno driving this extreme exotic car around town just makes everyone else appear…well…boring!  Cars of this magnitude are normally viewed in museums or classic car rallys, perhaps the occasional luxury car auction, so it is a treat indeed to see him tooling around LA in it.  Many luxury car collections are simply bought and stored, and it is cool that Leno takes the time to enjoy his many treasures!

Leno and Conan

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