Just 11 Badass Bugatti Supercars Hitting the Streets

One YouTube user stumbled upon incredible and almost unbelievable luck one day, scoping no fewer than 11 Bugatti supercars hitting the streets!

If this video does not hit your jealousy buttons, I have failed you.

 That is 4 more than an insane video we recently posted featuring 7 Bugatti cars in a row. A scene of this magnitude is a once-in-a-lifetime scenario, right up there with winning the lottery or catching a peek when Britney Spears climbs out of a Lamborghini…ok, so the last part can happen to anyone.

Bugatti L'or Blanc

Bugatti L’or Blanc, perhaps the most exotic sports car on earth

Britney Spears

More exotic than a celebrity panty peep! Sorry, loves you, Brit!

The multi-million dollar procession begins with the Veyrons showing off by flashing those magnificent taillights, followed by the grand entrance of the porcelain Bugatti L’or Blanc. The Bugatti invasion continues with a hilarious cameo by a leetle red VW bug that is just humorously out of place! I admit to rewinding that part several times to snicker.

Bugatti Super Sport

Bugatti Super Sport

VW beetle invades Bugatti procession

The clearly out-of-place VW Beetle won my award for spirit

This video has it all, the lowly 1,000 horsepower members, Super Sports and convertible versions. The star of the show is undeniably the L’or Blanc, even if the raging black and orange Super Sport is present. There is just something over-the-top exotic about a porcelain Bugatti and the exterior design is a true work of art.



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