Video: Just 2 Lamborghini Aventadors Emerging from an Aircraft!

In the video below you can see not one, but two sleek Lamborghini Aventador supercars being offloaded from an aircraft, after traveling first-class, I assume! I would love to help them stretch their legs after the journey…But who is the lucky recipient of this most-expensive double dream? Your guess is as good as mine! Watch the making of the Lamborghini Aventador here!


Considering the rare turquoise color on one of the Aventadors, some guess they are for the Qatar’s Al-Thani royal family, as that is a preferred hue. I suppose it would line up quite nicely next to their vast collection of unusually colored supercars…that I would love to spend a few hours with. Notice the complete and careful covering of the cars and slow maneuvering off of the aircraft…it would certainly be tragic for any damage to occur during delivery…and I would hate to be the dunce responsible for harming a $380,000 machine!

Aventador delivery

If you could have any shade you wish for a custom hypercar, what shade would you dream up? We simply cannot wait to receive delivery of our own Lamborghini Aventador rental in Miami!

 Lamborghini Aventador

This may be our most exciting addition to our exotic rental car fleet!





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