Just One Of These Supercars Will Be Built Annually…

The talented people at Mosler are at it again, tempting us with an exotic hypercar that is also so exclusive that just one will be released annually! Meet the Mosler MT900SP, exclusive the U.S. market and more extreme than its predecessors!

If you are ready to pounce your way over the competition and be the lucky buyer, just have $479,000 in the bank…and be willing to hand it over! Otherwise, just give your friends at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals a quick call to set up your next track event or exotic car rental for as little as $139 USD.

Mosler MT900SP

Mosler MT900SP

Specifications of the MT900SP include:
•    2-seat racing style layout
•    Mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
•    Svelte 2,500 pound composite chassis and carbon fiber body
•    7.0-liter V8 engine
•    535 horsepower
•    6-speed Getrag transmission
•    0-60 time of around 3 seconds
•    11-second quarter mile
•    200 mile per hour top speed

Mosler MT900SP

Mosler MT900SP in a hot orange

With all of this power and prestige, Mosler claims that the MT900SP can get an impressive 30 miles per gallon at 55 miles per hour…a fast and furious family car? In my dreams!

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Mosler MT900SP

Mosler MT900SP rear view…not bad, eh?




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