Justin Bieber Gets Fisker Karma Hybrid For 18th Birthday

Teen crooner Justin Bieber is known for tooling about in a variety of exotic sports cars, and now you can add luxury hybrid car to that list! According to reports, Bieb’s manager bestowed a Fisker Karma upon the star for his 13th 18th birthday. Sorry, Biebs, but I think Leonardo DiCaprio pulls of the Fisker Karma hybrid look with a bit more sex appeal! But happy birthday anyway, you are officially an adult. Video of Ellen clip at bottom of post

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and luxury cars always reminds me of when Miami police pulled over the youngster in South Beach, fearing he was not old enough to drive…

Justin Bieber

The Bieb pulled over again, this time driving his Batmobile in LA

The hybrid car gifting/publicity stunt was carefully orchestrated via the Ellen DeGeneres show, where Bieber also announced his upcoming album, “Boyfriend”. The album’s inspiration, in Bieber’s own words, is about: “Talking to this girl if I was your boyfriend I would never let you go”. He should hang on to the Fisker Karma…many celebs are itching to get their paws on one!

Justin Bieber

Justin in his Fisker Karma on the Ellen show

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