Invisible Mercedes Baffles and Beckons Onlookers

Mercedes is making luxury hybrid competition green with envy with its fascinating new futuristic F-Cell ad. The F-Cell is a hydrogen fueled Mercedes–watch as the car disappears to tout the brand’s new zero-emissions approach to the hybrid market!

The F-Cell generates electric power while producing little more than pure water and thus zero emissions. It is a 2.0-liter petrol car with a 100-kW/136 horsepower electric motor…not exactly heavy artillery in the awesome power department, but good for the environment as a daily driver.


Mercedes F-Cell
It is not too often that one would want to hide the fact that they are sporting a Mercedes! The point is clear, however, that this Mercedes is essentially invisible because it yields a fraction of a carbon footprint–it is invisible to the environment. How is this possible?

Mercedes F-Cell

Mercedes F-Cell

So how did Mercedes cloak the F-Cell and make it appear invisible? Those techy types mounted a camera on one side of the car broadcasting a live image to a multitude of LED’s layered on the opposite side. When you look at the car, you see a picture of what is on the other side, an interesting type of camouflage!

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 Mercedes F-Cell

Mercedes F-Cell roadster….


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