The $32,000 Lamborghini with Carbon Fiber

Fans and aficionados, the Swiss have something Italian for you: the Lamborghini bicycle! This may be the only Lamborghini available for just $32,000, and the lightest. The Lamborghini bike is made by BMC, a Swiss company not to be confused with BMX.

Lamborghini bicycle

You do not even need a driver’s license to operate the Lamborghini bicycle, though, unless your parents are loaded, you will need a job in order to own it. 

Impec, an imprint of BMC, paired with Lamborghini to create the 50th Anniversary Lamborghini Edition impec. This is an exotic bicycle emblazoned with gold and sleek carbon fiber. The bike is bedazzled like a Betty White jumpsuit.

Lamborghini bicycle

Why the Lamborghini Edition impec commands $32,000:

  • The frame is comprised of bespoke carbon tubes woven into mesh
  • Lamborghini leather wrapped handlebars. This yellow leather is the same variety found in real Lambo hypercars.
  • The company is only producing 50 examples of this bicycle

Lamborghini bicycle

While there are certainly a few upscale perks to buying a Lamborghini-inspired two-wheeler, the ride is likely not much different than the rest of the impec fleet, which run about half the price. I may be the only person who feels $2,000 is steep for a bike, but that under $80,000 is likely an inferior supercar (easy now, I said supercar, not automobile). Impec finds $15,000 to be the going rate for high-end bicycles?

Lamborghini bicycle

There are other Lamborghini bikes out there

Overall, while $32,000 may seem stupid to spend on a bike that lacks a motor, it will separate you from every Armstrong wannabe tooling around on a carbon fiber bicycle…and it is the cheapest Lambo available.


And much more powerful Lamborghini bikes…


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