Lamborghini Cabrera and Cabrera Spyder Speculations

While there is no official word on the Lamborghini website, auto blogs worldwide are ablaze with speculation about the mysterious Gallardo successor. The rumors indicate that the next generation will wear the Lamborghini Cabrera and Cabrera spyder monikers. There are a few renderings of the models out there, but this is pre-prototype stuff so what they will look like or be named is still anyone’s best guess. Lamborghini Cabrera

The Lamborghini Cabrera and Cabrera spyder renderings are creating a sensation. Are they the successors to the long running Gallardo series? Some styling cues of the Aventador are noticeable. 

The next regular production Lamborghini will fill the entry-level spot, meaning it will compete with standard Ferraris and other supercars but not the likes of LaFerrari or the Lamborghini Veneno. More information will tauntingly trickle out over the next few months, with it possibly emerging as a 2014 or 2015 model. Until then, below are some stabs at the details.

Lamborghini Cabrera

What the next-gen Lamborghini Cabrera and Cabrera spyder could be like:

  • They will likely pack a semi-updated version of the favored 5.2-liter V10 found in the current model.
  • Output may be around 600 horses, which may add an LP600-4 to the name.
  • All wheel drive is expected, though rear wheel would not be a complete shock.
  • Many are hoping for a change in the transmission. Replacing the e-gear automated manual with a seven-speed dual clutch would be ideal. The possibility of a manual transmission is extremely rare.
  • It will speak to the driver like Kit in ‘Knight Rider’. Ok, that is unlikely also, but it would be excellent.

Lamborghini Cabrera

The body of the Lamborghini Cabrera will likely be a blend of aluminum and carbon fiber to keep the curb weight down and keep up with modern trends. It is entirely possible that more material mixes could be introduced to save on weight and cost. We are looking forward to meeting the long-awaited Gallardo replacement in the very near future!


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