New Lamborghini Fragrance: L1 Hits the High-End Scent Market

There is a new Lamborghini fragrance on the scene: It is called “L1” and it is the very first one by the brand. It is to be the first option in a collection of four Lamborghini scents. The fragrance is much more affordable than a $300k exotic sports car at approximately $475 dollars per bottle.

Lamborghini fragrance

Gorgeous first-ever bottles of Lamborghini fragrance are now available. The first of a collection of four, the L1 scent is a strong and lasting blend that comes with two free refills in it nifty automotive-inspired carrying case.

Lamborghini fragranceWhile some buyers will turn up their nose at paying nearly $500 dollars for a bottle of perfume, some will swoon at the sweet scent of automobile adoration. This first edition, the L1, commemorates the launch of the Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 and just 999 bottles will be made. It is unclear how many bottles of each of the 4 scents will be made, we will have to wait for each one to roll out like the Bugatti Legends Series.

Lamborghini fragranceThe Lamborghini Huracan is the replacement for the Gallardo. The Gallardo reigned supreme as the brand’s flagship for so long that something fresh with a signature scent is welcome.

The L1 scent is described as heady with a base of tobacco and white musk softened by a touch of ginger and lime. That certainly sounds as exotic as that new car scent! It was designed by the Intertrade Group of master perfumers and packs only the best of the best extracts to create a long lasting scent experience.

Lamborghini fragrance

To sweeten the deal The Lamborghini L1 fragrance comes in an Alcantara carrying case crafted in Italy that looks a bit like an automotive tool carrier. The carrier contains two refills of the pricey scent, essentially tripling the order. The 999 bottles will be offered at stores including Fortnum and Mason, and are likely to go just as fast as the Huracan itself.

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