Just a Lamborghini Gallardo Hitting Some Snow

What do you do when buckets of snow cascade onto your supercar driving dreams? YouTube user Damon Fryer just slides into his bucket seats and takes his Lamborghini Gallardo snow drifting! Watch as he drives his Lamborghini up Mount Washington on Vancouver Island during a ski trip.

The YouTube clip above was posted by Gallardo owner Damon Fryer. Fryer opted to take his Lambo up a ski mountain…a brazen act that insurance likely would not cover, but is entertaining nonetheless! 

Is anyone else thinking of Jon Olsson? Olsson is a crazy character, with a love for exotic sports cars and skiing that he manages to mesh…somehow.

Lamborghini Gallardo snow drifting

Olsson’s tricked out supercars serve a purpose: Ski lessons!

Lamborghini Gallardo snow drifting

Lamborghini supercars out of their natural habitat 

The plate on Fryer’s Lamborghini reads “NO L1MT”. It certainly seems that winter sports star Olsson has developed a following, as Fryer is an avid snowboarder. Notice there are no snow chains, indicating that a fat set of winter tires are the only thing keeping the 500 horses rolling over the snow and ice.

Video above shows a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 SV driven by John Olsson in the snow. Note the roof storage unit! He is putting the sports into sports car. 

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