Lamborghini Gallardo Victim of London Riots!

As the violence and looting continues in the London riots, it is clear that many autos, even supercars, are also falling victim to the random rage. While it is still a bit confusing why the riots are occurring to begin with, one thing is for certain: Many autos, buses and luxury cars are being torched!

Lamborghini London Riots
Above you can see an innocent Lamborghini Gallardo that fell victim to the London riots. Such a shame! At least it is not burnt to a crisp…yet! It is never easy to see an exotic car crash or the aftermath of a riot.


London riots

Mob mentality can be extreme and frightening, let’s hope this madness and destruction ends as abruptly as it began! In the mean time, people of London, hide your cars!

London riots

Charred cars litter the streets of London

London riots

It is a terrible sight to see so many burned autos and chaos

London riots

A scene from the streets of London

London Riots

A Mazda set ablaze in London




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