Top 10 Shocking Supercar Concepts

If I owned any of these bizarre supercar concepts, I would not only drive them, I would drive them everywhere. To the In-N-Out burger, the theatre, Publix grocery store…just to see the twisted, confused or shocked looks on the faces of those around me.

Without further ado, here is my (current) compilation of the top 10 shocking luxury concept cars:

Lamborghini Insecta

1. The Lamborghini Insecta concept looks like an action hero will bound out of it at any given second. I want that action hero to be me.



Opel Siderium Concept Car

2. The Opel Siderium Concept Car is equally appealing, and if I were in it, I would be peeling out…from the McDonald’s drive-up…



eWolf e2 concept

3. The eWolf e2 is ok I guess…I could see myself driving it to grab some groceries or something.



BMW Sequence GT concept

4. The BMW Sequence GT concept looks like an ant…a shiny metal ant about to create chaos with its deadly front pinchers. If I were driving this luxury concept car, I could simply pick off anyone in my path.



Ferrari concept car

5. This Ferrari concept car may be in danger of scraping the pavement with its grille, it just needs bigger wheels. I’d likely rock this ride to the Dollar General Store.



Aston Martin concept car

6. This Aston Martin concept is cute enough to drive to any old rootbeer stand in style.



Honda Concept Car

7. This Honda concept car looks like if one were to tap the pedal, the engine would shoot out of its rear-end. I would use this to outrun any Honda Civic in my path.



Ferrari concept

8. This Ferrari concept drew its inspiration from the popular PT Cruiser…does Chrysler know about this?



Porsche concept car

9. This Porsche concept car looks like a bubble, I am tempted to poke it with a pin.



Spyker Concept

10. This elegant Spyker concept is perfect for any outing, like to the mall…wait…not enough storage space.


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Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals