Lamborghini Lands in Ditch During Italian Track Day!

Owning an exotic car is not all glitz, glamour and girls…as this driver displays during an Italian track day! In what was likely an emasculating moment, the Lamborghini driver ends up in a ditch with a couple of men helping him hoist the supercar back on track!

Even after you absorb the high costs of purchasing and maintaining a sports car like a Gallardo, mishaps like this can add further strain. The solution to this never-ending battle is to indulge in an exotic sports car rental whenever the need arises! Hey, your Ferrari just gathers dust in the garage, right? I kid.

The robust and intoxicating sounds of the supercars on the track almost subtract from the embarrassment of the ditch…almost!

Lamborghinis are extremely low to the ground; they could impale themselves on a blade of grass. You just stay on the pavement when you are in a Gallardo or similarly low riding supercar. For this unfortunate owner, technology did not allow this moment to go unnoticed…it is perhaps even viral. I assume he finds comfort in the fact that he has a shiny Lamborghini in his garage at the end of the day and others have a video of his.

Ouch. At least the damage was limited to his pride!

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Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals