McLaren MP4-12C Crashes at Headquarters!

They are an unthinkable mess, and yet we cannot drag our attention away from any exotic car crash! The latest McLaren model has already suffered its first casualty when an MP4-12C met its doom just outside the Woking, UK headquarters…such a shame! Note the blue pre-delivery or test drive car tape, ouch!

Crashed McLaren MP4-12C

The twisted remains of the McLaren MP4-12C that crashed next to the headquarters

While it was fortunate that no one was injured, there is nothing lucky about the driver–who is reported to have purchased the hypercar just prior to the unfortunate encounter with another vehicle, a fence and finally a hedge row…hopefully he is backed by a hedge fund.

Such clumsy navigation of a car like a McLaren indicates perhaps a novice driver, first-time supercar owner or perhaps he was texting.

McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C

This cockpit is not intended for amateurs!

Reports say that nobody was injured in the accident and if the driver has just bought the supercar and managed to crash it near the McLaren headquarters than he obviously shouldn’t have been driving it in the first place.