Another 1 of 20 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Track Cars is For Sale

The Raging Bull reimagined the supercar when it developed the carbon fiber Lamborghini Sesto Elemento a few years ago. With the body, drive shaft, suspension and chassis all made of the tough and lightweight material, it became a speed demon shedding the previous pounds that were holding some siblings back from achieving better performance figures. Just 20 examples of the Sesto Elemento were created, and it always makes headlines when one turns up for sale.

Lamborghini Sesto ElementoThere is a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento for sale for anyone in the mood to deplete their bank accounts by $3 million dollars. The Sesto Elemento, or ‘sixth element’, is a brazen beast capable of annihilating the not to 60 mile per hour jaunt in a leisurely 2.5 seconds, traveling on to reach 100 miles per hour approximately 2 seconds later. The top speed for the Sesto is around 215+ miles per hour thanks to her trim 2, 200 pound curb weight—which is less than the diminutive Mazda Miata.

Lamborghini Sesto ElementoThe engine is a throbbing track-focused V10 producing 507 horsepower. Considering the power-to-weight ratio and all-out lack of creature comforts inside of the cockpit, that is ample adrenaline to compete with the leading track cars out there. In fact, there are not even real seats inside, but rather, specially designed pads to separate the driver from the chassis. If that does not spell out serious racing intentions to potential buyers, they likely have no business looking into it.

Lamborghini Sesto ElementoOverall, the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is intended for a very select crop of racing enthusiast collectors and will likely see very little of the blistering track time for which it was created because rare exotic cars of this nature are often kept in climate controlled places and meticulously preserved. What would you do with it if you could purchase this hyperbeast? Share below!

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