Young Chap Crashes His Lamborghini and Bentley In the Same Day

A perhaps new-to-the-game exotic car owner suffered the misfortune of crashing both his beloved Bentley and Lamborghini on the very same day! Reports read that the owner, 21-year-old Elijah Oyefeso, merely laughed-off the double exotic car crash…but we all know he must have wept silently into his car-shaped pillow later that night.

Elijah is said to be a young city trader doing rather well for himself—well enough to acquire and crash pricey exotic cars with nary a care. The clip above provides many angles of the damage to both vehicles.

So what exactly happened? It seems that both of the cars were crashed into one another near a supermarket parking lot in Essex during a Sunday morning joy ride. Elijah allowed a pal to drive the Bentley while he piloted the Lamborghini, because we all know that the Lambo is not going to carry home very many grocery items. The friend proceeded to rear-end the Lamborghini from behind the wheel of the Bentley, resulting in a bill much higher than the expected fuel costs of taking the toys out to play.

Elijah is quoted in the Mail Online as follows: “I don’t know at what point the crash happened. It was just the next thing I know he’s gone into the back of me. I don’t remember what happened. Afterwards I just started laughing. Life goes on, you know.” Spoken like a true rookie.

In the end, the young entrepreneur shared that it seems one of the two supercars, the Lamborghini, can be salvaged. Insurance is stepping up to cover the remaining pain with replacing the destroyed Bentley. It would be interesting to hear if the youngster has learned a perhaps valuable lesson, or if he would be willing to allow friends to drive his expensive machines in the future. After all, not everyone is in possession of the skills required to pilot such automobiles—or the bank accounts to sustain them!

double exotic car crash

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