Lamborghini ‘Singapore’ Limited Edition Supercar

For the Lamborghini lovers out there, there will be a new special edition Lambo joining the fleet of hypercars.  The Lamborghini Singapore Limited Edition Gallardo will be unleashed, and only ten shining examples of this unit will be produced.

It is no secret that Singapore has an appetite for luxury cars and exotic car rentals, and this Lamborghini will certainly be a prized possession for the lucky ten owners.  This limited Lamborghini Gallardo commemorates the 10th anniversary of Lamborghini Singapore.  The Lamborghini Singapore was finalized quite quickly, with talks beginning in July of 2010 and decisions made just three months later.

This special edition Lamborghini is available in white or black, and is distinguished as the Singapore edition by the red stripes along the profile.  The Merlion, a mythical half-lion half-fish creature is the most famed symbol in Singapore, and graces the 5.2-liter V10 engine beneath the hood, along with an interior plaque.  In my humble opinion, ‘Merloin’ should be a mermaid and a lion…and this reminds me of the movie “Napoleon Dynamite” when he announced that his favorite animal of all time was a ‘Liger’, a lion + tiger mix.

The powerful engine of this bull enables it to make a century sprint in just 3.9 seconds, thanks to 550 horses and 540 Nm of torque.  Yes, please.

On the philanthropic end, the dealership has pledged to donate $20,000 from the sale of each limited edition Lamborghini Singapore to the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund for underprivileged students.
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