Land Rover JustDrive App Shares Voice and Vision

Jaguar Land Rover selected the Connected Car Expo to introduce their new app. The Land Rover JustDrive App aims to alleviate technical frustration encounters while driving by giving voice command control over certain apps.

Land Rover JustDriveDrivers should be, you know, focused on driving when behind the wheel, but Land Rover knows that is likely never going to be the case for everyone. For that reason, the JustDrive App allows people to do just that: Just drive. The app uses voice recognition software to enable drivers to control things like Spotify and the addictive Twitter without picking up a device. Overall, the JustDrive app has the potential to lower driving distractions, provided it functions smoothly. If it does not work exactly as promised, there could be irritated drivers reaching for their smartphones and taking their eyes off the roads. There are certainly ample voice recognition fail stories out there, making it important for Land Rover to get it right.

Land Rover JustDrive

The Land Rover JustDrive app does not allow access to all apps, just the ones that make sense to use while driving. Sat Gill, app development manager at Jaguar Land Rover explained the functionality and idea behind the app as follows: “It primarily aggregates a number of services and features into one application such as navigation, telephone, texting, tweeting and aggregating a number of music streaming services. All of these features are voice-controlled, which allow the driver to have more focus on the road and basically simplify the task of searching and entering navigation destinations. All interaction with the apps is done via the touch-screen. It gives you weather, the option to play today’s news from NPR, play is play the last track that was playing in the vehicle when you left, go is to go to a destination in your calendar.” JustDrive is a section of the larger Land Rover InControl apps system, accessible to owners via USB cables and center console options.

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