Let it All Hang Out on the Beach: Takao Shiotsuka Atelier Beach House

A little love nest on the beach is just what architect Takao Shiotsuka Atelier of Japan has constructed. The white, more glass, beach house is just 237 sq. meters and 2 floors with an elevator. Don’t underestimate the elfin house though, there is something incredibly intriguing about its minimalist design. Made mostly of huge glass walls, the house offers fantastic natural sunlight and views in. We appreciate the artful design. Its not for everyone but if you did want to live in this beach house it would be a pretty liberating life experience, when we said all glass we meant all glass including the bathrooms. Oh and not frosted glass, just the pure see through kind. At least you’ll feel like one with nature but in a more luxurious space. Our only complaint is this mediocre beach, we would have loved to see this house built on some fierce tropical island full of palm trees and white sand.