Lexus LFA Owner Has Speed Bump Removed

Only 500 units of the Lexus LFA were produced. Of those few, the first European owner encountered a bit of a scrape upon trying to drive his car home. Following a call to the municipal technical department of Stavanger, Norway, the owner successfully had a pesky speed bump removed from his route. That 11 cm ride height of the LFA can pose as a small problem.

Lexus LFA

Berge was attempting to drive his shiny new Lexus LFA supercar from Oslo to his hometown of Stavanger, Norway when a speed bump prevented his progress.

The city accommodated Rune Berge promptly, temporarily removing the speed bump so that he could drive the supercar home without first damaging it. It is unknown if the bump will remain gone or be replaced, the word temporary hints that perhaps the only LFA owner in Norway may need to invest in a travel trailer.

Lexus LFA

The town officials were likely cooperative because it is a novelty to have such a rare machine tooling about. This story reminds me of a case where a BMW owner pursued charges because the low speed limit signs caused damage to her car, which was not intended to be driven at certain rpms on a regular basis. The speed bump is certainly a larger issue, as it would cause instant damage to the car.

The Lexus LFA at a glance:

  • Astoundingly low ride height at 11 cm from the ground, but this is more than compensated for in the power arena
  • Specialized 4.8-liter V10 engine
  • Demolishes the 0-60 sprint in 3.7 seconds
  • Top speeds of 202 miles per hour plus
  • 560 horses lurk beneath the shapely hood
  • Each of the 500 LFAs cost $375,000 and up, depending on customization requests and add-ons
  • The hybrid Lexus LF-LC is still circulating auto shows as a concept. This is perhaps a hint at the next-gen of the LFA supercar.

Lexus LF-LC

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