Take a Listen: The Lexus RC F Auditory Extravaganza

Before reading, take a moment to enjoy the amplified acoustics of the Lexus RC F nestled inside an exhaust appreciation tunnel:
This acoustics tunnel is located in the United Kingdom, attracting all shapes and sizes to the confines of her walls to create videos, recordings and perform testing endeavors. 

Does that not sound a little bit like an automotive enthusiast’s fantasy? It is what we all wish every regular boring car on the street sounded like, but it is not quite as aggressive as anticipated from this nice lady. But why does the Lexus RC F not sound as mean as she is? The RC F is packing a robust and healthy 5.0-liter V8 engine pushing forth 467 horses that sort of fade out by the time they reach the quad-exhaust system. The best part, according to reports, is when she hits the 3,500-rpm mark and occurs from inside the cabin when the intake kicks.

In the end, it may be more interesting to hear the nearly perfect Lexus LFA singing some high notes in the exhaust appreciation tunnel. Until that point, we can always enjoy another laugh at the LFA ballet from her glory days!

Lexus LFAThe Lexus LFA was met with much criticism initially, eventually winning over the masses and even the praise of a rather difficult to impress Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear. Clarkson drove the LFA in an episode, describing it as the best car he has ever driven. 

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