Lotus Lunges Back into Formula One

It has been confirmed that Lotus will be competing in Formula One racing again.  The new Lotus Formula One team has new owners, a new staff, and a lot to live up to.

While it is unlikely that the world will see a Lotus at the front of the grid in 2010, it will be interesting to follow their progression in the famous races.  Drivers for the Formula One Lotus team include Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen.

Driver Jarno Trulli is no stranger to the F1 field, and this will mark his 14th season driving in the famous races.  Trulli has driven for the Toyota F1 team in the past, this year the team announced their decision to pull out of the F1 races.  Trulli has never ranked as an F1 superstar, yet has always remained consistent enough to remain on the grid, with a reputation for being one of the best drivers over one lap.

Driver Heikki Kovalainen has spent two years with McLaren, and is relatively new to the F1 racing scene.  It is rumored that both Lotus Formula One drivers face the same challenge:  turning their raw pace into consistent results.  It would seem that both Trulli and Kovalainen have something to prove on the track, which is perhaps the fire inside that Lotus was sensing during the process of selecting a driving team.

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