Arson at Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions-Truly Hot Cars

Arson at Exotic Car Auction Palm SpringsIn local shocking news, a fire that broke out at Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions has been ruled by fire investigators to be arson.  But who would want to destroy an exotic car?  That is still under investigation.

Luckily there was minimum damage, estimated at approximately $500,000-an amount that could have been much steeper considering the stock.  And that leaves us curious about the stock.

In total, four exotic cars were damaged and seven were destroyed, it was reported.  It was not reported whether the exotics destroyed were Ferraris, Lamborghinis or Buicks for that matter.  Reports say simply that they were “rare and exotic” cars. We are wondering what types of cars these were, if the estimated damage was reportedly $500,000…because that will not buy you 7 exotic cars, or repair four of them.  Interesting. 

For the record, we do not purchase our exotic rental cars from auctions-our fleet is custom.  Hopefully the crispy cars do not find their way back to the market in anything but pristine condition, with notification that they have sustained fire damage. 

The blaze broke out on Friday night, around 6 p.m. after the employees had departed for the evening.  Firefighters were forced to bust out the front windows of the building to contain the fire, and the roof began to cave in-piling debris on top of the exotic cars within as they were engulfed in flames.

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