Louis Vuitton Breaks French Law

Louis Vuitton Luxury StoreTough times call for breaking the law sometimes. What we mean is, the Louis Vuitton store on Champs-Elysees broke the law last Sunday by staying open. Amid France’s ongoing battle over Sunday as the day of rest, meaning all stores need to be closed, Louis Vuitton opened. French law prohibits shopping on Sundays and stores like Louis Vuitton are to remain closed. The Council of State is standing behind the church on this one and the French Confederation of Christian Workers say Louis Vuitton will soon be forced to close again on Sundays. Having said that, France’s conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy is trying to moderate the ancient law that restricts shopping on Sundays. Sarkozy wants to to boost his countries depressed economy in any way, even if it means shopping on a holy day. LVMH as the parent company of Louis Vuitton said that 70 jobs were dependent on the Sunday opening at the Champs-Elysees store. What are ya’ll thinking it’s 2009, people can pray and shop on Sundays. If it means more jobs and a better economy then like Nike says, "Just Do It!"