Louis Vuitton Goes Underground

Louis Vuitton isn’t taking the price of luxury down but rather putting luxury underground. Translation: Louis Vuitton opened an /underground/ concept store last weekend in the Seibu department store in Ikebukuro, a district of Tokyo, Japan.

The famous fashion house has taken luxury to an all new low (pun intended), with latest LV store made to look like a warehouse.  The launch party for the un-luxurious-looking, luxury label was May 30th and featured American rapper Kool Keith. Looks like Kool Keith got his big break, he didn’t even show up on our radar before Louis Vuitton. Kayne must have been booked.

It’s one thing to not flaunt wealth or parade around buying luxury garbage right now, as the gap between rich and poor grows. LV took the "understated luxury" trend and ran with it, literally, into the gorund. The concept store will be open for a limited time, so if you feel the need to buy a $2,000 bag in a place that looks like Costco, now is your time. Please remember this is a concept, an image, Louis Vuitton happens to be part of the largest luxury conglomerate on the globe. Long live Louis Vuitton! And go buy luxury garbage, it helps the economy.