Love the Lamborghini Aventador and Carbon Fiber? Meet the Carbonado Coupe by Mansory!

The metal minds at Mansory have bestowed upon the world a true gift: the Carbonado Coupe! This Lamborghini Aventador is drenched in delicious carbon fiber, making it a bit more interesting than the first Aventador by Mansory? (follow link to see the other Mansory Aventador!)

Mansory Carbonado Aventador

Mansory dresses the Lamborghini Aventador again–adding an insane amount of carbon fiber. Most approve!

Mansory must have been thinking the same thing everyone does when they see a stock Aventador: more carbon fiber. All jabs aside, this is a breathtaking vehicle and the slightly superhero-esque name certainly suits it! The stock version already features a monocoque fabricated from carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), so the substantial additions inside and out work to bring together the project.

Mansory Carbonado Aventador

The carbon fiber detail is extraordinary

Mansory Carbonado Aventador

The Carbonado package features (most composed of carbon fiber):
• A new aerodynamic kit with improved downforce
• New front running lights
• Flared wheel arches (1.6 inches up front, 2.0 in rear)
• New side sills with brake cooling ducts
• New rear diffuser and large wing
• Carbon fiber trimmed wheels (20” in front, 21” rear)
• Some stock interior trim replaced with…you guessed it—carbon fiber
• Non-slip aluminum pedals
• Upgraded engine control unit
• Output boosted from 691 horsepower to 744

Mansory Carbonado Aventador

Project runway, meet project roadway.

If you like what you see, know that Mansory is only making 6 examples of sir Carbonado. And you can bet that bottom dollar that it will rise well above the $394,000 price tag of a stock Aventador!


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