New Lucra Roadster is a Mysterious Tease

California-based supercar maker Lucra may not exactly be a household name, but they are nothing to scoff at, either. Their contribution to the popular film “Fast and Furious 6” was the green and yellow LC470, and now the specialty brand is teasing and touting its upcoming Lucra roadster.

lucra roadsterLucra is quite the tease, flashing a photo of its next-generation supercar while leaving out all crucial details for the official unveil 

So far, Lucra is only flashing a photo of the roadster and will not release the official name or specs, it is torture. The official reveal will be sometime this year, but even that date is a mystery. If the roadster is anything like its predecessors, it will impress in both the aesthetic and power arenas, with an injection of horses to add to its stable. Well, they cannot exactly produce a less powerful supercar, can they?

Lucra LC470

Lucra LC470

Lucra likes to source fantastic engines, selecting some from General Motors and from Mercedes-Benz AMG division. The founder of Lucra, Luke Richards, has a soft spot for robust and rumbly V8 engines. The brand has used the 7.0-liter General Motors V8 used in the Corvette Z06 as well as the Mercedes AMG 6.2-liter V8 from the C63 coupe. That particular AMG engine is quite sought after by a few brands.

lucra roadster

Lucra knows how to maximize the power to weight ratio

While Lucra stays lucrative through heavy-duty power, it does not turn up its nose to the latest in lightweight designs and strategies. Heavy use of carbon fiber components and Lucra’s space frame tubular chassis keeps the LC470’s figure in check and it can be expected that the roadster will weigh even less and kick out more power.


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