A One Day Fling with a Bugatti Veyron: $25,000+

The most powerful production car on the planet is not a cheap date. In fact, the privilege of spending just one day with the Bugatti Veyron from certain sources in the UK will cost around $25,000. Is the Bugatti Veyron the most expensive rental car? For that price, one could rent a different luxury car from Imagine Lifestyles 10-20 times, depending on the model. There could come a day when Imagine offers a Bugatti rental, should our clients desire that option. Bugatti rental

Would you drop $25,000 USD to rent a Bugatti Veyron for a day?

With the Bugatti Veyron starting at about a million dollars and skyrocketing north of that depending on the model, the rental price comes as little surprise. While that may seem like a large sum to most, it is the price of making a dream come true. And getting up-close and personal with a Veyron for a day is definitely the stuff wet dreams are made of.

Bugatti rental

A typical set of Bugatti Veyron wheels will cost around $10,000. Suddenly, $25,000 seems like a steal. 

What would one do with a Bugatti Veyron for 24 glorious hours? I will tell you exactly what I would do:

  • I would rent it in Germany. Why? One word: Autobahn.
  • I would record the entire session with a head-mounted camera. That way, every moment would be permanent. (Even a potential crash…)
  • I would be sure to floor it and use a stopwatch to document how fast the fuel disappeared.
  • This car would definitely be driven to the best and busiest restaurant that evening. You want to be seen in it, right? I would just pick up a date en route.
  • I would challenge area drivers to a few drag races and share all of the videos. If there were a Hennessey Venom in the area, an additional dream would be fulfilled.
  • Overall, there would be a ridiculous amount of miles logged and videos made by the end of the day. I assume a few sets of brakes would be burned through, which would certainly make that rental price seem like chump change. Hey, it’s my dream, and I drive how I want in it. I feel certain there are rules against drag racing the Bugatti Veyron rental, and just as certain that those rules would be ignored by most people dropping that kind of money for a day.

Bugatti rental

The Veyron

Bugatti rental

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