Luxurious Holiday Hosting for Newlyweds

The holiday season is upon us, and families across the world are in top gear prepping for the festivities. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali or Festivus, the occasion will surely be best enjoyed surrounded by family and friends. While the notion of hosting may be daunting – especially for young couples and newlyweds – proper planning and the stylish, savvy touch can ensure you have a luxurious holiday that will be remembered through the years!

Presenting Your Home

If this is your first new home together, there’s no better time to show it off than the holiday season. Wreaths are an especially tasteful, understated way to decorate your home – it can put your curb appeal in a refined middle-ground between totally unfestive and Clark W. Griswold’s yuletide effigy! Have some candles on hand to create the perfect mood as you unwind, pour a few drinks and catch up with your family and friends; some great holiday scents include spruce, warm vanilla and gingerbread. Installing mood lighting with dimmer switches can be a great idea, especially if you host in the kitchen. The lighting can give you the best of both worlds, leaving you with a mellow space for carousing at the center island, or preparing Christmas dinner. However you plan to visit with your guests, be sure your home is looking its best!


Tableside Design

When hosting a gathering for the holidays, it is important to know what to expect and how to plan accordingly. While you don’t need a Victorian banquet hall to entertain, this can provide a great opportunity for new couples to host in style. If you’ve just moved into a new, luxury home, be sure to showcase it as such. One of the best ways to shine light on your new house is to have an elegant dinner with a tasteful design. You will need a sturdy dining table to seat your guests, which can also serve as a focus point for those homeowners with refined taste and uncanny design sensibilities! Think about a centerpiece that reflects the theme of your dining room – is it overstated with contemporary art and loud focal points? Or perhaps, if you’re going for a more eloquent, subtle vibe, consider a crystal centerpiece with candles and an elegant table runner. When it comes to serving, it is important to use dinnerware and silverware that match the table ambience, and don’t be afraid to throw patterned cloth napkins into the mix! When your guests arrive and sit down to dinner, they will be amazed by your keen eye for luxury.


Accommodating Guests

Whether your in-laws are planning on crashing for Christmas or your college friends will be staying to ring in the New Year, it’s important to have enough living space for your guests. While couches may be nice, your guests won’t want to sleep on them long term; it’s best to invest in new beds for your home. Splurging for a finely crafted, well-made mattress will provide your guests with a great night’s sleep (especially if they’re coming in from Seattle to JFK on a red-eye!) and will make their stay even better. Along with luxurious sheets (think Egyptian cotton or silk) and comfortable pillows, your guests will enjoy plush towels and an artisan soap to clean up with! Taking into account your guests need for self-care and rest will be gratefully appreciated by your friends and family, and sure to score you some points with your mother-in-law!

By sticking to these tips, any newlywed with a passion for luxury can confidently host their first holiday smoothly. Make sure your place is clean and in order when your guests arrive, and then prepare to dazzle them with your style and attention detail.