Gift Ideas for Car Lovers that Can Fit Any Budget

The good thing about holiday shopping for someone who loves cars is the bounty of options ranging from stocking stuffer-level cheap to holy moly-level extravagant. The tough part is that car lovers are often very specific about what they like and you may not know a lot about cars. If you need some help buying the perfect gift for the automobile enthusiast in your life, consider these ideas.


First, consider their main relationship to cars

Being a car lover can mean a lot of things. When you’re deciding what to give the car lover in your life, you’ll want to first consider what they specifically love about cars. This will help guide you toward the right gift. They could be an amateur mechanic or at least a tinkerer. They could like racing (either in real life or virtual). They could simply love keeping their car in tip-top shape. They could be into toys and models. Find their sub-passion, and you’ll unlock the key to a perfect gift.


What to get the budding mechanic

If your loved one likes to work on cars (or just tinker with their own) one of these gifts may excite them:

  • Budget: A solid pair of mechanic’s gloves. Working on a car is dirty work, and you can get them a solid set for fairly cheap.
  • Mid-level: A piece to add to their tool collection. Think a torque wrench, power drill, auto jack, or a driver set.
  • Impressive: A fixer-upper (read: used car). Yes, you can get the budding mechanic their very own project to work on. It’s a great gift, and it’s actually more affordable than you think if you take the time to look online.


What to get the speed demon

Does your car lover feel the need … the need for speed? If so, try one of these:

  • Budget: How about something to watch or play? A classic car movie (Bullitt, for instance) or a modern video game make great gifts.
  • Mid-level: Racing gear. A new racing helmet, bodysuit, gloves, or shoes could be a great gift for anyone with a racing hobby. Check out this guide before buying.
  • Impressive: Get them the gift of an experience they will never forget. There are plenty of driving schools, racing experiences or even luxury rentals if you don’t mind spending a little more.


What to get the clean freak

Want to help your loved one keep a spotless car?

  • Budget: Home car care. Think sponges, rags, special cleansers, wax, buckets, etc.
  • Mid-Level: A nice shop vac or handheld cordless vacuum. It’s pretty much impossible to keep a car clean without one, especially if your loved one has kids or pets.
  • Impressive: Car detailing for a year. Buy your loved one gift certificates to get professional cleaning done every couple of weeks. Nothing says I care about you more than the gift of a constantly-sparkling car.


What to get the kid at heart

Car-related holiday gifts should be fun, right? Try these:

  • Budget: A model car kit. From the hundred-year-old Model T to a brand new Mustang, there’s a model for any type of car lover waiting to be built.
  • Mid-Level: A slot car race track. Remember these from your childhood? Well, the technology has improved and they are still a blast.
  • Impressive: This cooler designed to look like a Volkswagen van. Because, well, look at it!


These ideas are sure to wow even the most difficult to please auto aficionado on your shopping list. When you take the time to think of your car lover’s true passions, you’re sure to find something that will make them smile.


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash