Luxury Camping in India

Something exotic is going on in India…even more than usual.  It is the future of luxury camping, India style, and includes futuristic cubes, spas, and elephants rather than exotic rental cars…can you adapt?  Ok, I am unsure about the elephants, but it could happen.

Rasa Jaipur India

Wait…camping can be luxurious?  At Rasa Jaipur, tucked into the northern hills of India, it certainly is!  As you close in, it appears to be an alien campsite, with around 40 pop-up style cubes arranged around a larger mother-cube.  Relax, the other campers come in peace, and are likely in the Jacuzzis.

Luxury Camping India
The pop-up cubes are approximately 20-feet, and feature bay windows, canvas walls and a ginormous four-post bed sprawling to the ceiling.  You will enjoy warm breezes, a truly comfortable night’s sleep and have dinner delivered by a chef over a bonfire outside your door.  The pods are arranged around the mothership, where the spa and other upscale amenities are enclosed. 

Exotic Camping India

You can enjoy the solitude of your luxury cube, or mingle with the other campers (if you can call it camping) at the mothership.  The sweeping views around you create a tranquil vibe as you become one with nature…in your four-post bed after a soak.  This sounds a bit more like the W Hotel Sobe than a camping trip, sign me up!

Still pining for that sleeping bag and bug spray?  Didn’t think so!

 BYO marshmallows.



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