Luxury Expense Reports Catch Politicians Red-Handed, and Red-Faced

From Sarah Palin to the California politicians who are under the magnifying glass for their luxurious tastes, these days it seems everyone is interested in high-profile spending habits, especially if these habits are billed to the people.

Campaign donations cushion California politics and it seems that Alaska has been funding the travel for Sarah Palin’s three daughters, Bristol, Willow and Piper to the tune of $21,012.  Democratic former governor of Alaska Tony Knowles never charged the state for the commercial flights of his three children, mentioning,
“There was no valid reason for the children to be along on state business, I cannot recall any instance during my eight years as governor where it would have been appropriate to claim they performed state business.”

Similarly, many of California’s lawmakers have not let the severe financial woes of the state hinder their expensive lifestyles-including some of the following expense report shockers:

•    First-class travel abroad
•    Luxury spas & salons

•    Stays at the Fairmont Hotel on Maui, just after an emergency budget session
•    Tours of the Taj Mahal
•    Stays at Four Seasons
•    Memberships to exclusive social clubs
•    Pricey swimwear
•    Swanky dinners
•    Gym memberships
•    Sporting event tickets and packages

These are just a few examples of the luxury splurges that have caused public outrage in these trying financial times.  Sarah Palin was the center of attention for her attention to detail, leaving many to joke that following a $150,000 shopping spree, Palin had an image problem. 

In these difficult times, it would seem that Michelle Obama won the hearts of many when she donned a $148 Donna Rico dress on “The View”, explaining, “You put a little pin on it and you’ve got something going on”.  It would appear that Michelle has it going on!  I think what America is saying is that if you are going to live the life of a millionare, do it on your own dime.
 Sarah Palin gets attention