Top Ten Outrageous Guest Requests from Luxury Hotels

Concierge Luxury Request Bell

From the impeccable to the impossible, in the world of luxury hotels the plight of the concierge is often newsworthy.  Concierges will help out, on a moment’s notice, for nearly any task or assignment, no matter if it is the guest’s first stay, or if it happens to be a celebrity. 

With a variety of contacts and resources available to them, concierges are known for meeting demands, although those “requests” are often absolutely outrageous.  Following is a list of the most over-the-top and simply wacky requests made by guests to their concierges:

•    A fish tank approximately 30 cm and fully stocked, prior to confirming the booking
•    Replacement parts for an AK47 (this request was turned down by the Beverly Hills Hotel)
•    Guests at Metropolitan London requested to water ski in Hyde Park and to ride Queen Elizabeth’s horses  (obviously this request was not eh…entertained)
•    Justin Timberlake requires an entire floor complete with a private fitness room, adequate stereo system, Nintendo and PlayStation.  In addition, the air conditioning filters must be changed prior to his arrival, and the door handles on the floor sanitized every few hours
•    For Mariah Carey, a new toilet seat must be installed, and the faucets must be gold.  Her own bed linens are shipped prior to her arrival
•    A Newly breast-feeding mother staying at the Ritz-Carlton in South Beach asked her concierge for cold iceberg lettuce cups to reduce pain and swelling
•    A top Dublin hotel recently refused to install a stripper pole for none other than Britney Spears (the decision cost them her patronage)
•    At Parrot Cay, a guest requested that fake sharks appear while they were snorkeling, to surprise his wife for her 40th birthday (a request that was denied for safety reasons)
•    At the Ritz-Carlton in New York, a female pop star enlisted the help of her concierge to uh…operate her iPhone.  The concierge sent a page to the local Apple store for a crash course
•    Lastly, there is Jennifer Lopez, who reportedly requests that her room be completely painted and furnished in all white, including white roses and lilies

Concierges of luxury hotels often hold summits to meet and share tips and stories.  In the world of luxury guests behaving badly, I can’t wait for next year’s list!