Luxury Hybrid Company Adds 200 Workers

Fisker is putting people to work with their latest luxury hybrid cars, the Fisker Karma and ‘Project Nina’, a more affordable 2nd Fisker hybrid car. Valmet Automotive is in the process of hiring 200 employees this year to manage the rapid sales created by the cars. Valmet’s Uusikaupunki (that is in Finland, btw) factory currently employs 850 people, so adding 200 is certainly nothing to scoff at!

Leonardo DiCaprio Fisker Karma

Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio have helped catapult luxury hybrids into the mainstream, shown here with his Fisker Karma

Fisker Project Nina Revealed

Fisker Project Nina Revealed, a more affordable luxury hybrid option

According to Valmet Automotive deputy chief executive (that is a lengthy title!) Risto Hukkanen,
 “We are offering jobs especially in the assembly line, but also for example in the paint shop and in logistics. We aim to fill the open positions as quickly as possible.”

Valmet Automotive

Valmet Automotive

Valmet Automotive Porsche

Porsche Boxsters are also produced at Valmet Automotive

Could this be an indication that luxury hybrid cars have been even more underestimated than predicted? In the beginnings, nearly all smirked at the idea of a true exotic car with hybrid capacity, now even A-list celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio are ordering from the green menu. If Fisker’s demand is any indication, we may be in for quite a surprise over the next ten years when it comes to hybrid technology and the demand for it. Leave questions, comments and problems below!

Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid

Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid gleaming on display




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