Luxury Hybrid News: The 2015 Ferrari Hybrid

Ferrari brand has officially unveiled its “HY-KERS” experimental vehicle at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, giving merit to the previous rumblings of the luxury car rumormill.

The future Ferrari hybrid is based on the fabulous Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, with of course, some green perks that are likely to cost a bit more green. 

The HY-KERS Ferrari has been completely designed and engineered to comply with the future CO2 regulations and standards, boasting impressive fuel economy for an exotic car or luxury rental car.   The city driving has improved exponentially over previous Ferrari models, which could lead to a Ferrari that could be a daily driver.

2015 Ferrari HY-KERS Luxury HybridThe hybrid Ferrari uses an F1 derived gas-electric system, allowing the HY-KERS to release 35 percent less emissions than the gas-consuming counterparts.   What is awesome is that the electric motor weighs only 88 pounds, helping to decrease overall weight, which also decreases energy and fuel consumption.  This electric motor is attached to the 599’s 7-speed F1 transmission, and power is pulled from the electric motor seamlessly via either of the two clutches from the gearbox.

The electric motor provides an extra 100 prancing ponies to the 599’s V12 output of 612.  The 599 Ferrari is the most powerful V12 production car of all time, and these specs are impressive.  It is unclear what the power specs are when using it in electric-only mode, or if that is even possible.  I assume more details will pour out closer to the 2015 production schedule, as I am sure they are still tweaking the final product.

The electric power is stored in a lithium-ion battery pack, which has been mounted lower in the chassis to maintain a low center of gravity.  As is usual with most hybrids, the Ferrari HY-KERS features a regenerative brake system that recharges the board batteries.  An engine-mounted generator performs ancillary duties like power steering, AC and power braking.

Overall, this seems like a tight and green little package, and I look forward to hearing more about the Ferrari hybrid as its launch approaches.



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