Luxury Ice Hotels-A Cool Concept?

In our quest to turn over every leaf in the world’s available exotic and luxury hotels, we stumbled across a true “icebreaker”-the fact that there are numerous “Ice Hotels” worldwide.  Is this a cool concept?  You be the judge as we slide into three of these intriguing igloos:

•    Hotel de Glace, Quebec City, Canada
•    Ice Hotel,
SwedenSwedish Ice Hotel
•    Snow Castle, Kemi, Finland

Hotel de Glace, Canada.  This phenomenal ice structure packs a cool 500 tons of ice, and 15,000 tons of snow to offer up and adventurer’s dream-staying in a real “igloo”.  Mind you this is far from a traditional teensy igloo-featuring 4’ thick walls that provide insulation, ensuring that the internal temperature is always between 2 and 5 Celsius.  Hmm…does not sound like you will need a swimsuit here. 

Hotel furniture, beds included are constructed from ice, though thick foam mattresses and soft deer pelts line the beds to provide comfort to the frigid guests.  As for attire, thermal clothing is recommended, and there are arctic sleeping bags for bedtime that are specially designed to keep occupants warm in temperatures as low as -30 Celsius. Ice Hotel Quebec

Ice Hotel, Sweden.  This swanky Swedish exotic getaway may be cold, but will melt your heart.  At around $3,110 per night, this is not for the faint of heart or funding.

This frozen palace is built from scratch annually-with new designs, suites and more.  Sprawling along the shores of the Torne River, in the old village of Jukkasjarvi in Swedish Lapland, the Ice Hotel has certainly made a name for itself. 

The Ice Hotel is built with approximately 10,000 tons of crystal-clear ice, formed at an actual ‘ice manufacturing plant’, which gives it a more luxurious aesthetic appearance than the Hotel de Glace in Canada. Sweden’s Ice Hotel expands over 30,000 square feet, and can accommodate around 100 guests, and each room is unique. 

This luxury ice hotel features an Ice Chapel, Ice Art Exhibition Hall, Absolut Ice Bar, and even a cinema.  This sounds like a cool party.  We are left to naturally wonder if there are fur-hat clad bikini models like the Stoli girls.

Snow Castle, Finland.  This extravagant ice hotel operates from the end of January through the firstIce Hotel Bed-Sweden week of April each year.  Similar to the Ice Hotel in Sweden, it features an Ice Chapel, and various rooms and suites, but also features its own restaurant made of snow, very cool. 

Should guests pine for a traditional shower or a sauna, they have access to a nearby hotel of the traditional sort-a relief to some guests.  So in conclusion, it would seem that experiencing an ice hotel is a must for any modern explorer, and is certainly unlike any other exotic hotel option. 

The downside is that unless you airlift your Aston Martin rental in like James Bond, you will have to endure this luxury hotel getaway sans an exotic rental car.  No worries, one stay in an ice hotel will provide you with a “cool” story to tell forever.

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals