Koi Restaurant in LA Attracts Celebrities

Koi Restaurant LA If catching a glimpse of fame excites you, then let us make you aware of Koi, a luxury Japanese and California infused restaurant.  Koi that is a flavorite of a bulk LA’s glam scene, including such hot names as Ashton & Demi, George Clooney, Liv Tyler, J-Lo, Martin Lawrence and more!  In the world of luxury restaurants, this seems to be a “can’t miss”.
With Hollywood’s elite as patrons, you can expect the pricing to reflect its lofty status, so come prepared to get what you pay for.

The Feng Shui décor includes calming trickling water, open patios, candles and a minimalist interior drenched in earth tones.  Koi is a true relief from the busy Melrose place just outside.

The trick to Koi’s success seems to be the delicate blend of Japanese and Californian dishes, creating a culinary explosion that has certainly exploded on the celeb scene (we are guessing “word-of-mouth”, literally).  Some of the enticing dishes you can find at Koi include:

•    Cucumber sunomono tower with sweet vinegar and edible flowers
•    Baked crab roll in rice paper
•    Yellowtail carpaccio in grape-seed oil
•    Tuna tatatre with avocado
•    Black cod bronzed with miso

If any of the above-mentioned flavors have tantalized your taste buds, perhaps it is time to book your reservation at this fabulous discovery.  This is quite a trendy and upscale area, so we would recommend arriving in style, perhaps in a Ferrari F430 rental

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals