Top 5 Things Miami is doing to Prepare for Super Bowl 44

Super Bowl 44 MiamiWith the big game just 3 weeks out, Miami and all of South Florida has been busily preparing itself for the onslaught of football fans, visitors and excitement.  Here are some of the ways Miami is prepping for Super Bowl XLIV:

•    Hotels altering arrangements
•    Restaurants creating special menus
•    Clubs booking high-profile entertainment
•    Exotic rental cars booking up
•    Boutiques and shopping options stepping it up

Miami Hotels.  With the Super Bowl being held in Miami, area hotels will be bringing in a bundle during game week.  To prepare for game week, many luxury hotels in South Beach have set a minimum stay requirement for guests, and the rates may be inflated due to demand.  Do book your accommodations now, as some of the best South Beach luxury hotels are already full for game week-such as the hot new W Hotel.

Miami Restaurants.  Miami is a Mecca of culinary expertise, successfully blending cultures and flavors from all over the world.  It is no surprise that the talented chefs in Miami have been working overtime for months to ensure that their culinary creations for game week will be delectable and unforgettable.  Look for new menus and special offers.  We are certain the service will be impeccable, as staffers will be vying for the extra tips they will be receiving all week.  For information on tipping at 5-star restaurants, follow link. Also see our previous blog Top 5 Luxury Restaurants in South Beach.

Miami Clubs.  As far as entertainment, the posh and famed nightclubs of South Beach have been busy preparing for Super Bowl week by competing to book the most current and popular talent available.  There is nothing like a night out in Miami, which often ends early in the morning!  Look for celebs to hit the nightclubs, and for the exclusive concerts to be a cut above anywhere else.  There will be red carpet littering the streets that week.

Miami Exotic Rental Cars.  By now it is clear that Miami is an upscale city, and that the Super Bowl is a luxury event.  As with any luxury event, the proper preparations are in order, such as an exotic rental car to attend all of the important and lavish game-week festivities.  We still have some luxury SUV rentals and exotic car rentals available for the week, but they are going fast.  We have been preparing for game week by lovingly detailing our exotic rental car fleet to perfection. 

Miami Shopping.  Even though your exotic car will definitely get more attention than your attire, haute couture is a must in Miami.  Upscale shopping is a guilty pleasure that is to be indulged in when you visit Miami, and the boutiques will be boasting all of their best, no doubt.  So be prepared yourself, to drop some dough on some sexy new clothes and accessories.  And remember, what happens in Miami, stays in Miami!

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals