Luxury Jets: The $59.9 Million Dollar Gulfstream G550 Soars

The name Gulfstream certainly stands out among private jet and aircraft manufacturers, and the Gulfstream G550 is among their best models.  So let’s discuss what comes with the $59.9 million dollars buyers will shell out to own one.

The G550 Gulfstream features an oversized cabin, and is a long-range business jet charter that has been receiving its fair share of attention from its inception.  It accomplished this by flying non-stop from Seoul, South Korea to Orlando Florida just two weeks after it entered service, scaling the 7,301 nautical miles in just 14.5 hours.  This feat snagged the G550 a city pair record, and it established 40 more during its first 5 years of service (it has been in service since 2003).

Now let’s get down to specifications.  The Gulfstream G550 obtains its power from enhanced Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofan engines.  At Mach 0.80, this luxury aircraft is capable of a range of 6,750 nm with a higGulfstream G550 Luxury Jeth-speed cruise capacity of Mach 0.87.

Gulfstream’s “PlaneView” cockpit is among the most advanced flight decks in business aviation, based on the Honeywell Primus Epic architecture and display system, it provides critical flight information via a 14-inch LCD display designed for easy interpretation.  It also boasts the Flight Management System, the Gulfstream Signature Cursor Control Device (to assist pilots when interacting with the PlaneView system), and the very latest in Head-Up technology integrated with next-generation Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System II, to capture photos of the environment for superior weather condition control.

In fact, Gulfstream brand was the first ever business jet charter to certify a synthetic vision system on the G550.  This optional synthetic vision system is called Primary Flight Display, and adds to situational awareness in zero visibility conditions.  Ok, enough techy and power stuff, lets get to the luxury!

The cabin of the G550 is a medley of comfort and productivity, with all the amenities one would expect from a luxury jet charter.  There are 4 separate spaces, 3 climate zones, and it accommodates up to 18 passengers.   Business flights are not only phenomenally fast, but task-friendly, with the available fax machine, printer, wireless and satellite communications available in-flight.  And of course, the over-sized seats and multiple windows are a welcome departure from commercial travel.

This Gulfstream aircraft has airily improved international travel, easily linking major business travel destinations like Washington, D.C. to Dubai, London to Singapore and Tokyo to Paris.



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