The Luxury Rental Car Difference in New Jersey

New Jersey Luxury Rental Cars

Chances are you have experienced a standard rental car on several occasions, and you were perhaps even pleased with it.  That is because you have not indulged in a luxury rental car New Jersey; why not leave a distinct impression on your next trip to the shore?  Few things are more exhilarating than an exotic car rental NJ!

Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals offers SUV rentals, exotic sports convertible rentals, luxury sedan rentals and exotic sports coupe rentals in Miami, New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Chicago and Los Angeles.  Luxury vehicles are ideal for business trips, weekend escapes, and any occasion that you desire to be special!

Imagine yourself canvassing the city with your crew in a Cadillac Escalade rental New Jersey. Encased within the sporty exterior lies a spacious cabin loaded with luxury and amenities.  The Escalade is among the most popular luxury SUV rentals, great for sporting events, group outings, family trips and a variety of other luxury SUV rental needs. 

Escalade Rentals New Jersey

Interested in creating a more intimate experience?  Why not go there in a hot red Ferrari 458 Italia rental NJ?  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! There are so many options, what would you do in a luxury rental car New Jersey?  Leave comments below!

Ferrari 458 Italia Rental NJ

 Some of our classic New Jersey car manufactures that we offer rentals in include: New Jersey Ferrari Rental, New Jersey Lamborghini Rental, NJ Maserati rental cars and more.




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