Madoff’s Millions-Decisions Being Made on Estate

The master of manipulation, Bernie Madoff, is now behind bars.  This leaves many, namely his investment-fraud victims left to wonder what will be done with his millions in real estate, exotic cars, yachts and other luxury items-because money is sexy and when you add in scandal, well, you get the picture!

To recap, Madoff was accused of masterminding a “ponzi scheme” that lasted decades, ripping off approximately 65 million from clients in investment frauds.  Impression management seemed to be Bernie’s forte, as he was involved with regulators and even helped to shape the investment regulation system. 

On the side, he managed billions for foundations and individuals, a business Madoff tactfully kept hidden from competitors, colleagues and regulators.  He avoided one-on-one meetings with investors, absorbing into an almost OZ-like character, which only served to make clients desire his exclusive expertise all the more. 

This clever double-life served its purpose for many years-to accumulate wealth for Madoff.  His estate is worth millions, and includes all the bells and whistles:Bernie Madoff Estate

•    Private Jets
•    Luxury Cars (our luxury rental cars have a clean record, but we are sure his were nice!)
•    Yacht Moored off French Riviera

•    $8.75 Million Hampton’s Estate
•    Palm Beach Estate

•    Penthouse Apartment in Manhattan
•    Several Boats in South Florida

The plan of the U.S. Marshals Service is to put the lavish properties and estate on the market immediately, betting that exclusivity outweighs notoriety, hoping they will sell fast to help reimburse the victims of his crimes.

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