Madonna Shacks up in Palm Beach


Looks like Madonna is channeling her inner Mrs. Robinson. The now single 50-something pop star just finished a very sexy photo shoot with W Magazine (pictured above). Her on camera love interest was 22-year-old Brazilian male model Jesus Luz. The girl in the fantasy just made her own reality, Madonna and Luz have moved into a $6.5 million Palm Beach mansion. The fully furnished five bedroom, seven bath mansion features golf course views, a pool, spa, pool pavilion and outdoor kitchen. Madonna hasn’t purchased the mansion yet but it is on the market if she changes her mind. For now Madge is just renting the 10,000 sq. ft space, on a month to month basis for $50,000. Looks like Madonna gave up Guy and the rain in London for Jesus, polo and some serious heat. She always has had good taste. Not that we really care but where are the kids Madonna?