Maserati Crashes into Vintage Plane and Hangar

Five years ago, Larry Pine went to great pains to restore his 1972 Chinese military trainer, and now he is back to square one!  Pine’s prized vintage aircraft was parked securely behind a metal hangar door at Mesa’s Falcon Field when a 21-year-old Phoenix man crashed through it in a Maserati, causing extensive damage to both the plane and exotic car! 

Maserati Crashes into Hangar

Maserati Crashes into Hangar

At least the man, identified as Brandon S. Passey, wasn’t trashing a luxury car rental!  But it could be worse, because the Maserati belongs to his uncle.  Yikes. 


Maserati crash

What I picture the aftermath of the Maserati crash looked like…(this is not the actual car, no photos are available of that yet)

The Maserati slammed into the hangar, damaging the nose gear of the plane, a cowling beneath the engine and one of the wings.  Damage is estimated between $165,000 and $220,000 for the aircraft and neither Passey nor his passenger was injured in the exotic car crash. Pine stated:

"I was called by police at 3 a.m. I live in Queen Creek. When I got there I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. It was pure destruction. The metal door on the hangar was bent like a paper clip. The car went in sideways and then backwards. The police said it was going about 65 mph. I think it had to be in the range of 100 mph. It took the whole wing of my airplane and compressed it. There was a lot of energy there."

The official police report stated the Maserati was traveling too fast for conditions on a taxiway that serves dozens of hangars.  The area is gated, city-owned, and requires an access card to enter.  Police did not ticket Passey, the young driver of the Maserati, though the luxury car crash is still under investigation for potential criminal charges related to damaging property while driving recklessly.

Chinese plane

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