Maserati For Under $10K

New Maserati for $9,513

If someone offered you a brand new Maserati for under $10,000 you would have to jump at the opportunity regardless of what car you currently drive right?  So you are probably thinking that this may be a Maserati rental car. What about $10,000 for a Maserati but instead of an engine, it comes with two wheels, two pedals, and a very small, uncomfortable seat?  Meet the Maserati Veloce, a stunning mix of class and elegance and a whole lot of carbon fiber. 

Maserati Veloce

The bike is produced out of 3K carbon fiber allowing for optimum mechanical resistance at every point on the frame.  Just as they do with their automobiles, the craftsmanship and assembly is done to the highest standards with some of the finest bicycle parts and components on the market today.  Using the latest technology allows the bike to be extremely durable and rigid in structure while allowing for the lightest weight possible.

Maserati Quattroporte

You won’t find these bikes at Target or Wal-Mart as each is made to order and takes about two months to complete.  We are not sure if this piece of inventory will be added to a fleet of Chicago Maserati rental cars or Miami Maserati rental cars.  If you can’t afford a Maserati with an engine this does at least allow you to tell all your friends that you have a Maserati in the garage.  Let’s just hope they don’t ask too many questions and give away your little secret.  When spring approaches make sure and ride your new Maserati bike to our warehouse and check out Imagine Lifestyles’ collection of Chicago exotic rental cars.


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