Top 10 Places to Show Off Your Exotic Rental Car

Ok rockstar, so you have made the executive decision to splurge on that flashy exotic rental car Miami this year for your big event.  No matter what type of event it is, Imagine Lifestyles has a customized luxury rental to fit your unique style and needs.

Here are the top 10 most popular places to show off your exotic car or SUV rental:


 1.    High school reunion

High school reunions have the tendency to make us feel that we need to show off how much more successful, beautiful, smart and witty we are than the rest of our graduating class…I know I am not the only one who suffers from this delusion.  What better way to make those statements silently, without having to risk bragging verbally, than with an exotic car rental like that Lamborghini Gallardo rental in bright yellow you have always wanted to slide behind the wheel of.  Romy & Michelle should have thought of this, it is much more impressive than claiming to have ‘invented Post-its”.

High School Reunion Rental Car Ideas

2.    Business meeting

In the business world, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Show them their interests are safe with you by arriving in an Aston Martin rental or sophisticated Rolls Royce rental.

Business Event Luxury Rental Car Ideas

3.    Fancy restaurant with valet parking

Few things are more humbling than indulging in that new luxury restaurant in town, and sheepishly turning your 1993 Honda Civic over to the handsome young valet who is doing a poor job of concealing his amusement.  You feel like by the time you reach your table, he has already tipped off the serving staff of your financial position.  You can change this by renting that exotic sports convertible rental you have been eyeing, and possibly receive royal treatment for the duration of your dinner.

Valet Tipping Tips

4.    Prom

Prom is one of those memorable experiences that only happens once…or several times if you are like me and dated people from neighboring high schools in efforts to buy more dresses and have bragging rights to a larger dating pool.  Either way, a high-profile Escalade stretch limousine or limousine rental is a must for making this memory stellar.

Prom Escalade Rentals

5.    First dates

First date jitters can be immediately squelched by picking her/him up in a luxury rental car.  Nothing spells romance like a hot red Ferrari F430 spider rental Miami style, your hearts will be racing and the tone for the evening will be set.

Ferrari F430 Spider Rental Miami

6.    Weddings

So all of your friends are married and you are not, or you are, either way, let them know you are awesome by arriving to their special day (or even yours) in an exotic rental car.

Wedding Luxury Car Rentals Miami

7.    Upscale clubs & bars

It is exceedingly difficult to snag the hottest female in the bar when you try to coerce her to into your dated hunk of metal that you refer to as your “work car”.  She knows better.  Try a manly Range Rover rental, show her you have more than just looks.  Then maybe locate a credit line with low interest.

Exotic Car Rentals Miami

8.    Country club events

Being a member has its privileges, and its expectations.  Nothing will start the gossip chain at your club faster than you pulling up in the fastest sports car rental you can locate.

Country Club Rental Cars

9.    Parties

Parties in general are a great way to show off in a luxury rental car.  Think about it, you essentially get to spend the entire evening discussing the aerodynamics, engine specs, amenities and 0-60 rate of that supercar you have sitting out front…with two bodyguards hovering around it like bloodhounds.

Lamborghini Gallardo Rental Miami

10.     Your kid’s sports events

Few events can be as competitive (between parents) than a child’s sporting event.  Coach dads and soccer moms alike can make a statement by arriving in an exotic SUV rental for those big games.  Leave everyone wondering what you do for a living…remain vague.  If that tactic fails, host a ‘parents only’ game, make it lingerie at the last minute.

Sexy Sports Moms





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