The Masteretta MXT-A Supercar for $40,000?

The Masteretta MXT is a making headlines as the first high performance sports car to be entirely produced by Mexican carmaker Masteretta.  The MXT has been completely designed and produced in Mexico and is touted as the very first Mexican made supercar. It is so close to ‘Maserati’ but they are two different luxury carmakers.  Oh, and a Maserati is about 3 times more expensive!

Production will begin in 2011 for the MXT Masteretta.  Pricing is on the lower end at around $38,000 USD, so put your order in now!  I find the MXT to be physically attractive, but what is inside counts, too, so leMasteretta MXT Supercar Mexicot’s get down to specs.

The Masteretta MXT is a mid-size sports car bursting with design flair and packing a 2.0-liter turbocharged Duratec engine with 240 bhp.  This supercar hits the 0-60 mark in under 5 seconds with a top speed of 150 miles per hour.   I suppose it helps being a lightweight two-seater weighing just 900 kg!

The MXT supercar is constructed from bonded aluminum with a semi-monocoque chassis and features aircraft style technology.  Customers who place orders now will be able to register their cars in May of next year, and production is limited to 80 cars the first year. Not sure if this car will qualify as a Miami luxury rental car but I would still agree that this a great sports car for any car enthusiast.

So why did Mexico decide to produce its first supercar?  According to designer Daniel Masteretta
"We needed to create a great car because Mexico has no tradition of sophisticated sports car manufacturing.  It is most important that our customers are delighted by the new MXT. That’s what we aimed to do from the first drawing of the car, but we also want to make our country proud of the MXT and to show the world what we can do."

Best of luck to all of you behind the MXT, it certainly is a steal of a supercar for the price!



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