Mercedes-Benz to Revive Maybach Name for One Last Rodeo?

Sources behind the scenes are saying that Daimler will bring back the Maybach badge for one more flashy ride. It is rumored to be a one-off Mercedes-Benz S-Class limousine and that it will hit the red carpets of both the Los Angeles Auto Show and Guangzhou in November. Is the world ready for another Maybach limousine and will there be just one? Reports are a touch on the unclear side at this juncture, likely to slowly tease us in order to drum up more interest.

MaybachNot so long ago, Mercedes-Benz buried the Maybach badge in a highly publicized and drawn out production. Now it seems that the Maybach name may see actual production one last time.

The lavish Maybach brand was sadly done away with back in 2012 due to diminished sales. It was a badge coveted by the masses and owned by only the elite–absolutely synonymous with royalty and prestige. Imagine the extreme attention to detail that will be visited upon the “last” Maybach when it makes a comeback…it will be extraordinary.


The interior of a Maybach is the main reason the exquisite machines are selected as the chauffeured rides of the elite. 


This does not look comfortable…at all…

As for the limo itself, I suspect there will be sumptuous soft-touch leathers, fabulous wood grain veneers and plenty of bespoke features. That said–it is expected to cost more than double that of the flagship Mercedes-Benz S600 V12 due to both the materials used and the notoriety of the name comeback. With the cost of the S600 variant already hitting about $230,000, this special Maybach would tip the scales.

MaybachThis is what happened to a Maybach when rapper Jay Z decided to destroy it in the interest of making a statement. I still have no idea what statement he and Kanye West were trying to make–only a sense of sadness for the lost car.

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