Video: 155 MPH Electric Lamborghini Superbus Seats 23

The word sheikh is synonymous with excess, like this 23-passenger Lamborghini-ish superbus. Unlike previous expensive endeavors, however, the intentions behind this project are far-reaching and admirable! This electric luxury bus can reduce emissions and congestion by shuttling people seamlessly around the city! And I assumed it was an extravagant personal vehicle based on previous sheikh behaviors…shame on me! (Video is at bottom of post).


The catepillar-like superbus

Built in Holland by an astronaut and former Formula One aerodynamic expert for a sheikh lurking in the United Arab Emirates, this stretch bus certainly resembles a supercar, and can adequately accommodate about 21 more passengers than any of our Lamborghini rentals!

Superbus Dubai

The future of private high-speed transit?

Is this gorgeous luxury car concept a sign of what the future of mass transit shall entail? It can successfully scale the 75-mile commute from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in less than 30 minutes! Just imagine what something like this could do for the United States! I have always been a fan of the high-speed rail, and this does not even require a rail, just a dedicated path!

Superbus in Dubai

Looks far more comfortable than a city bus!

Here is how it works: Passengers slip inside one of 8 gullwing style doors and enjoy comfort equal to a private jet charter or chauffeured limousine. When on normal roads, the superbus operates at normal (legal) speeds to pick up passengers. Then, like something out of a Marvel comic, it hits a dedicated concrete strip between the 2 cities, where it accelerates up to 155 miles per hour to ensure its inhabitants are not late for work! Awesome. Would you like to see this connecting our great country? Comment below!


Ahead of its time, the superbus excites




In the 9 minute video above, you can get full details on the electric superbus and an up-close and personal look at it!


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