Mel Gibson Proves Again He is a Lethal Weapon Behind the Wheel

 I assume the (likely) turbulent relationship between Mel Gibson and his auto insurance company is experiencing further strain by his second crash behind the wheel of a Maserati of his within two years! Yep, Mad Max has ‘Bumped’ the rear end of another vehicle in Phoenix, Arizona recently, making headlines in the exotic car crash tabloids around the world yet again (Hey, it is better press than domestic violence or anti-Semitism!).

Mel Gibson Crashes 2nd Maserati

Perfect face for the situation! Mel looks a bit more leathery and weathered each year.

Mel is certainly a Lethal Weapon behind the wheel (follow link for story on his previous Maserati crash in LA), though the recent accident with his Maserati Quattroporte is being described as minor. The cliff side bang-up in California when Mel careened the car into a wall of rock and a guardrail was far more newsworthy, but it is quite shocking that he managed to have another accident so rapidly in the sports car. Note: No one should sell Mel anything more powerful than a V8…

Mel Gibson Maserati


With all the not-so-flattering press Mel has generated over the past few years, I’d say it is high time he start scouring potential screenplays and get back to being a star for the right reasons…but I cannot deny the humor involved in a 2nd car crash involving the same model in such a short time span!

Mel Gibson

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