Mercedes-Benz F125 Concept Fuses Hydrogen with the Future

Mercedes is pumping hydrogen and excitement into the minds of fans with the new F125 luxury car concept! This Mercedes concept was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, complete with a stunning waterfall backdrop and tense music!

The video above provides a detailed look at the Mercedes F125 concept

The Mercedes F125 concept feels like a dream and gives onlookers a sense of awe, leaving them to wonder just how much luxury vehicles will change in the future. It is, after all, the marquees rendering of what a true luxury car should be by the year 2025! What is quite unique, however, is how it is propelled!

Mercedes F125 concept

Mercedes F125 concept

While it poses a risk to guestimate too far ahead as a leading carmaker, Mercedes predicts that there will be vehicles capable of ranging over 600 miles between gulps of hydrogen. Sound bizarre? The hydrogen would be pumped through fuel cells, providing power to turn electric drive motors located at each wheel.  The power would then be supplemented by a plug-in hybrid system.

Don’t worry, I assume the oil tycoons already reserve the rights to power vehicles of the future, so prepare to pay at the plug. Don’t miss our fleet of exotic car rentals, including Mercedes Benz rentals in a city near you!




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